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Hello & welcome to my fashion & lifestyle blog, Style My Mind! Here I post weekly about affordable fashion trends, but ya know, like real affordable! My favorite products, beauty routines & lifestyle experiences! I'm a girls-girl who loves the outdoors, white tee shirts & Disney World. Join me on my journey!


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Fall Cleaning: Decluttering my closet, head & heart

I have really learned my worth and what makes me feel good and what does not. And if it does not feel right, or feed my soul it has to go. They have to go. So if there is someone lingering around your heart decide if they are giving any positive purpose to your life or just taking up space like those clothes in your closet. They fit at one point, but now they just don’t feel right anymore and are totally out of style. TOSS!!!!

Shopping on a Budget

Shopping on a budget get can be difficult especially if you follow bloggers who are constantly buying the newest clothes and products. I never pay full price for anything unless it is something I sincerely cannot live without. Guess what? It does go on sale! So unless it's something you are shopping for like an event, I would wait it out.

Top Must Haves for Fall

very season there are new fads and trends popping up but we will always have our must-have staples! Last week I talked about the perfect T, which is a staple for any season in my opinion. This week I am going into my top fall must haves for this season.

Quality Over Quantity

The last year I have taken a whole new approach in my shopping skill. I used to be one that needed many things (my mom was always this way) but this year when I moved I got rid of 6 trash bags worth of clothes. Yes S I X and then I have a whole rack of clothes I am selling on Poshmark and I am still overwhelmed with the amount I have.

Embracing Your Personality Through Fashion

Someone once told me my style is "country chic". Initially, I was super irritated by this comment. But the more I get comfortable with myself and my style I realize that sometimes I am a little bit country!

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